Locusts Might Reach Odisha In June Ahead Of Monsoon, Alerts OUAT Dean

Bhubaneswar: The swarms of locusts, which entered western India from Pakistan, have damaged a variety of crops and have now become a looming danger for Odisha. The locusts may reach Odisha in June ahead of the monsoons, alerted OUAT Dean Lalit Mohan Gadnayak.

This revelation is as per a report from central Agricultural Commissioner.

Gadnayak said that several western districts of Odisha are likely to be affected. A special team will be formed to monitor the situation. Before that, the farmers will be made aware of the situation and will be educated on how to handle the situation.

He added that only the pink coloured locusts are dangerous.

Locust swarms from Pakistan have entered Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh, threatening major damage to standing crops and vegetables, said a spokesperson of Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, adding that Rajasthan is the most affected state.

The desert locust is a species of locust, a swarming short-horned grasshopper. They are known to devour everything in their path, posing an unprecedented threat to food supply and livelihoods of millions of people.