Lord Jagannath & Siblings Step Into Adapa Mandap

Puri: Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra, Devi Subhadra and Lord Sudarshan stepped into the Shree Gundicha Temple or Adapa Mandap today evening after completion of Sandhaya Dhupa ritual.

As per tradition, the deities were taken into the sanctum sanctorum of the Shree Gundicha Temple one day after the Shree Gundicha Yatra -the first leg of the annual Rath Yatra by way of Goti Pahandi. The Pahandi Bije began at around 5.30 PM.

First, the pahandi of Lord Ramakrushna from Taladhwaja chariot and Lord Madana Mohana from Nandighosha chariot began.

Later, Chakraraj Sudarshan followed by Lord Balabhadra, then Devi Subhadra and then Lord Jagannath were taken inside the Gundicha temple in Goti pahandi.

The Adapa Mandapa is also considered the birthplace of the Lords. Today, all the rituals of the Lords were performed atop the chariots.