Lord Krishna Takes Birth As Dhanu Jatra Enters Next Phase

Bargarh: The world-renowned Dhanu Jatra on its third day witnessed the birth Lord Krishna on Friday.

The famous folklore of Lord Krishna’s birth in King Kansa’s cell in Mathura turned Bargarh to parents, Queen Devaki and her husband, King Vasudeva was enacted yesterday. The lore says Krishna’s birth is followed by Vasudeva being woken up by a divine voice that guides him to take Krishna across the Jeera river as the mythological Yamuna River to Nandraja in Ambapaali which becomes Gopapura during these 11 days.

Vasudeva brings Nandraja’s daughter as his eight child; which has been predicted to be the cause of tyrant Kansa’s destruction.

Bhubaneswar Pradhan who essays the role of King Kansa said, “I rushed to the dungeons to kill the eight child just like I killed the rest seven but the child was a girl and not a boy as predicted. The Bijuli Kanya flew into the sky and turned out to be Goddess Durga.”

While Goddess Durga could easily kill demon king Kansa, instead she gives him a cryptic message- “Tate mariba jiye, Gopa re badhuchi siye”

While Ambapalli had a colourful Nandautsav yesterday, King Kansa will be sending demon Putana and other demons one by one to kill Lord Krishna. The 11-day fest will end with the killing of Kansa in the hands of Krishna.

King Kansa On Birth Of Lord Krishna


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