Low Pressure Induced Heavy Rains Impact Train Services: ECoR

Bhubaneswar: Heavy rainfall triggered due to a low pressure over Bay of Bengal has affected train services with several passenger and express trains delayed and some getting cancelled.

As per an official release by the East Coast Railways (ECoR), Visakhapatnam-Berhampur and Berhampur-Visakhapatnam one pair passenger train has been cancelled for today. Bhubaneswar-Visakhapatnam Intercity Express will be terminated at Srikakulam whereas Visakhapatnam- Bhubaneswar Intercity Express has been cancelled. Bhubaneswar-Berhampur-Bhubaneswar MEMU has also been cancelled.

The ECoR release also mentioned that several trains are running behind schedule due to heavy rainfall in Palasa-Vizianagram section. At Vizianagaram, Railway tracks had gotten submerged for some time. Also, signalling posts got affected at many stations due to heavy water flow all night long. As water position began to recede on Thursday morning, things are beginning to get normalised.