Maha Navami Puja Celebrated At Maa Bhattarika Peetha In Cuttack

Cuttack: The principal deity of Baramba in Cuttack district is Maa Bhattarika for whom, the people of the region celebrate Durga Puja in grandeur.

However, over the past two years, the pomp and show as well crowd at the shrine has reduced considerably because of COVID-19 restrictions, like other temples and places of worship.

This year, on Wednesday the Maha Navami Puja was held like every year in a grand manner at the Peetha of Maa Bhattarika on the banks of river Mahanadi.

It must be noted, at Pandals where devotees offer prayers to clay idols (Murti) of Devi Durga, it was Maha Ashtami today. But at ‘Peetha/s’ of the Godeesses where Durga Puja is a 16-day affair, Maha Navami was celebrated on Wednesday.

The doors of the temple were opened at 4 am and the Ballav puja was held at 8 am. The Sakala Dhupa, Snana, Khiri Dhupa, Sandhya Arati and all other rituals were held by the priests with adherance to COVID guidelines. The public was strictly prohibited from crowding, said Lalit Das, the Chief Priest of Bhattarika.