‘Mahaprasad’ Offered To Trinity Now In Gundicha Temple

**Puri:** The ‘anna’ Prasad would be provided to the Holy Trinity from today in the Gundicha temple as the Mahaprasad will be available in the Gundicha premises.

The Holy Trinity, Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra reached the Adapa Mandap on Tuesday evening after being taken on Goti Pahandis from the Raths.

It is worth mentioning that Adapa Mandap is believed to be the altar whre the idols of the deities were constructed for the first itme, according to legends.

Only dry food items like the kora khai, fruits, grated coconut and so on were offered to the deities during their stay on the chariots as the ‘anna’ Prasad is not offered to them during this time.

The deities will stay at Gundicha temple till July 3 and will return to the main temple in the Bahuda Yatra, the returning journey.