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Majestic Ganesh Idol From Ice-Cream Sticks, Puri Boy To Feature In Asia Book Of Records

Puri: A local boy’s artistic marvel has made it to the prestigious Asia Book of Records. The young and talented artist Biswajeet Nayak built a majestic idol of Lord Ganesh which has been selected to be featured in the next edition of Asia Book of Records. The statue of Lord Ganesh has been made with 5,575 ice-cream sticks.

The feat was confirmed by the jury on August 31, 2020. “We appreciate the effort and patience shown by you. Your skills have been acknowledged and as per verification done by the Editorial Board of Asia Book of Records’, only the best has been selected and approved by us,” a mail from ABR to Biswajeet read.

The idol of Lord Ganesh is 55 inches high and 33 inches long and is a replica of Puri Lord Jagannath Temple’s ‘Nata Ganesha’. The 19-year-old Biswajeet had built a chariot of Lord Jagannath using 2,575 ice-cream sticks. The structure made it to the India Book of Records this year.

Biswajeet Nayak, Artist


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