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Makar Mela Begins At Lord Hattakeshwar Dev Shrine In Khurda

Khurda: The solemnization of famous Makar Mela (religious fair on Makar Sankranti occasion) began today at Baghamari Atri Hot Water Spring-based shrine of Lord Hattakeshwar Dev with strict observance of the pandemic protocols.

Following the Covid-19 guideline and certain restrictions imposed by the district administration, a less number of devotees were comparatively seen in queue this time for the darshan of the deity.

The devotees also enjoyed the natural beauty of the hot water spring there.

Myth goes that an issueless married woman is blessed here by the deity and bestowed with the miracle of being a mother of a son or daughter. For this, she has to dedicatedly search and avail the pious betel nut from the ‘manasika kunda’ (holy water body) believed to be fulfilling the wishes of the married woman.

Scores of childless married women both from the State and outside are usually seen thronging this sacred citadel even in this era of science and ultra modern medical treatment.

The blessed women also bring their year-old children for the darshan of the deity as well as get the head of the child tonsured as a mark of reverence and gratefulness offered to Lord Hattakeshwar Dev.


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