Manas Sahoo Creates Sand Animation Showing ‘Nagarjuna Besha’

Puri: City-based sand-artist Manas Sahoo has created a sand animation portraying Lord Jagannath’s ‘Nagarjuna Besha’ on the occasion of this rare festival – ritual – event today.

Sahoo said that it was a small effort for the Lord’s devotees who are not able to witness the grand Nagarjuna Besa this time because of COVID-19 restrictions. The 3:30 minute animation shows every moment of the rare attire of the Lords.

It features how Servitors adorn 16 types of weapons like Banka Chhuri, Katari, Trishula, Ranjaka Dani and Singha on the Lords atop Ratna Sinhasana (bejewelled throne). Ornaments like Bagha Nakha, Kaliki Phula and Surjyachandra are also part of the animation.

Lord Jagannath’s Nagarjuna Besa depicts Lord Krishna’s Aishwarya Leela. This rare event takes place during the six days of Panchuka (last five days of holy Kartika month) in Hindu calendar. It took Sahoo 24 hours to make this short film.

Manas Sahoo, Sand Artist