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Mandap Mood: Station Bazaar Puja Committee Gifts Saplings To Devotees

05 October 2019

Snigdha Chandan Das

Bhubaneswar: 'Go Green' idea-the concern for environment has caught up with puja pandals in Bhubaneswar this festive season.

One such bright example is the community puja marquee at Station Bazar here.

The Station Bazaar Puja Committee which is in its 64th year of celebration has come up with an idea of gifting saplings to the devotees. Concerned over the large scale destruction of green cover in the city during Cyclone Fani, the Committee is distributing saplings to devotees who come to the pandal to offer puja. Moreover, the Committee is replacing polythene carry bags brought by devotees with cotton bags.

"In our area several trees got uprooted when Cyclone Fani hit the city. This has badly affected the environment, so our committee decided to gift saplings to devotees visiting our pandal. We ask them to plant these saplings in their neighbourhood," informed Amaresh Jena, secretary of Station Bazar Puja Committee talking to Ommcom News today.

Jena further said that they are replacing polythene carry bags brought by devotees to the pandal with cotton bags as an sensitization move against use of single-use plastics.

Jena added that the Committee has plans to distribute 70,000 saplings by Dussehra.

Gifting of saplings by the committee has been appreciated by the devotees visiting the pandal.

"Distribution of saplings is a unique gesture. I am very happy that I have got a sapling as a gift .This is a small yet great move to thwart global warming," commented Sudipta, a visitor to the mandap.

"I would first thank Station Bazaar Puja Committee for gifting saplings. Protecting our environment is a top priority," said Biswajit Mishra, another visitor to the pandal.

"Banning use of plastics is a good thing," said Pratap a visitor from Bhusandapur.

"This is a good initiative. I appreciate it," said Manjulata Mishra, another visitor to the pandal.

The Committee's secretary has claimed that the medha (tableaux) has been created using 2.04 quintals of silver while the crown of the idol weighs around 1.5 kgs in gold.

"This puja we have created a replica of Ajanta and Ellora caves and inside the pandal we have attempted to recreate scenes of tribal worship," he added.

Amaresh Jena, Secretary, Station Bazar Puja Committee