Mayurbhanj BJP Chief Has Been Booked For Cheating Under Court’s Direction: Police Commissioner

**Bhubaneswar: ** As Odisha BJP unit alleges that the BJD-ruled State Government has been taking police action against them with malicious intent, Twin City Police Commissioner made it clear that the Mayurbhanj district BJP president has been booked in a cheating case under court’s direction.

Police Commissioner Y.B. Khurania informed media on Monday, “A cheating case was against him in the Infocity Police Station here. A few days ago, Infocity staff had been to Baripada to conduct raid, but he could manage to flee. Yesterday (Sunday), he has been arrested. Today (Monday) he has been forwarded to court.”

On being queried by media that BJP alleges why the arrest was made now while the case is of 2012, the Police Commissioner replied, “This case has been booked under the direction of the hon’ble court. After the court’s directive was received, the case was registered in the police station and investigation has begun.”

On the contrary, Odisha BJP president Basant Panda said, “The State Government has turned vindictive and is taking various actions. Same incidents have taken place in Mayurbhanj and also in Bargarh. It’s indeed condemnable.”

“So far Krushna Mohapatra’s case is concerned, it is relating to his father’s land property. He had entered into an agreement for its disposal. The party had paid some amount and did not pay the rest of the amount. Whatever cheque he had given him got bounced. I hope he would have filed a case against it, I’m not sure. In the past when the complaint cropped up, police refused to deal with it citing as a civil matter. But now when a complaint case was filed with the SDJM Court by the opposite party, police has harassed in night which is unjustified. And yesterday he has been arrested. It’s fully his family matter,” Panda explained.
He quipped, “BJP is completely behind him.”

Notably, Commissionerate Police on Sunday arrested Mayurbhanj district BJP president Krushna Chandra Mohapatra from Cuttack city over a land fraud case registered in 2012 with Infocity Police Station in the State capital city here.

After absconding for many days, Mohapatra fell into the police dragnet on Sunday.
Commissionerate Police had raided Mohapatra’s Baripada-based house last week but had to return empty hand as he was absconding.


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