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Meet Bhubaneswar’s ‘Birdman’ Who Quenches Thirst Of His Feathered Friends

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23 March 2018

Bikash Das

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Bhubaneswar: Hundreds of pigeons and birds wait for the kind hearted 70-yr-old Loknath Sahu to open his shop at 10:30 am every day. Not because they are his customers and want to buy something but because Loknath gives them food and water before opening his shop.

The birds throng in front of his small shop situated in front of the posh Bhubaneswar Club where they are properly fed and offered water by this messiah.

“I have been doing this for about 15-16 years and love doing it. Every day I change the water thrice a day. There are many benevolent people who come forward to offer food for the pigeons and get it from my shop only. They wait for me eagerly and I give them fodder around 3-4 kgs daily which are donated by the benevolent people," informed the Bird Man.

Hailing from Nayagarh, this man lives in a rented house with his family in the capital city. With temperatures soaring in the region during the summers, various NGOs and environmentalists have urged people to keep water bowls for birds on their rooftops to save them from dehydration.

“It is an act which gives me immense satisfaction. I rarely stay back at home, though am unable to make it once or twice a month. But I try to ensure to keep my absence to the minimum. I strongly believe that feeding and quenching thirst of these birds would ensure my prosperity," he further added..

Keeping in toe with the environmentalists who have started awareness campaigns following the blistering heat wave condition conditions and lack of care and concern of humans, Loknath Sahu has set an example which has to emulated by many so that it can be ensured that the birds get drinking water.

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Lokanath Sahu