Meet The Young Unsung Heroes Behind The Success Of Odisha Hockey Men’s World Cup

**Bhubaneswar:** The state-of-the-art Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar has scripted history with the ongoing Odisha Hockey Men’s World Cup. A completely renovated stadium, new look of the smart city, incident-free matches and a festive mood has garnered several praises for the hard working officials in Odisha administration. However, there are some young unsung heroes, who are quietly lurking in the shadows, waiting for their due credit. OMMCOM NEWS decided to talk to these young volunteers and give them the recognition they deserve.

Sanjeet Nayak, a student volunteer from Birla Global University informed us about his work. He said, “Around 150 of us have been selected from the university to volunteer in this event. Our work mostly includes guiding the fans and spectators to their respective seats. First, we check their tickets and then we clear their queries.”

Ujjwal Mohanty, another student from Birla Global University said, “We are thankful that the college provided us with this wonderful opportunity. We start work here from 2 pm in the afternoon to 9 pm in the night. It is definitely tiring but it feels good to interact with all the players from other countries. College authorities had also given training to us before starting work here.”

Arrangements of snacks and water have also been made for the volunteers from the college. While the young group of people from the educational institutions are not getting paid for their work and will instead get an experience certificate, there is a group of volunteers that is being Rs 300 per day for their hard toil.

Anil Kumar Behera, a volunteer of Ticket Genie said, “Some of our friends informed of opening for volunteer spots, so 100-120 of us applied and got selected to work for Ticket Genie, the organisation that was in partnership with Hockey India to selling tickets for the matches.”

“We are mostly deployed near fan village for ticket checking and guiding the fans to their seat,” he added.

Soumya Pradhan, also employed under Ticket Genie said, “Essentially, we are helping the people have a good time as ticket validators. We are interacting with the foreigners and getting a chance to live their culture here. We are also required to exchange pleasantries and make the fans feel good.”

Another Sangeet Das said, “People are satisfied with our work and the cooperation warms us. We are not overworked and also get free time for snacks and exploring around Kalinga Stadium. We can also see the game on screen in the fan village. The best part of this job was when we even escorted the players form the airport.”

When asked whether the volunteers have ever wanted to witness the matches, they all reiterated, “Standing and working for the people feels better than sitting and watching a match. It is definitely more rewarding.” This simply demonstrates that the fans of hockey are in good hands.

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