Meet Twinkle; A Passionate Lady Biker & A Wanderer Without Cause

**Puri: ** Twinkle Kapdi, the 31-yr-old lady biker from Kutch Gujarat has the courage to follow her dreams in this materialistic world. A passionate bike rider, she loves to spend her time on two wheels exploring the nook and corner of the country.

“I have covered 25 States of the country along with Union Territories on my bike. I have covered around 1 lakh kms over the last five years in India on my bike. I have gone to Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Jammu-Kashmir, Kerala, Tamil Naduthe north-eastern States, covered Ladakh on bike and it is my passion to travel around on my motorcycle. I wish to travel all across the world . This particular ride, that of covering the Indian east coast is basically to explore the coastal line, to interact with the people, meet the tribals, photo shoot them, to understand India better. In a way, I am exploring just for myself, to enjoy my travel,” according to Twinkle.

Twinkle started her latest venture,’Indian East Coast Ride’ from Kolkata and have already covered about 1400 kms. She went to south of W.Bengal, Mandarmani, Tajpur, Digha before finally reaching Odisha.

Ommcom News had a chit chat with her on her dreams, aspirations and life.

“I have come to Puri through Konark, and wish to go to Chilika before venturing into Vizag, Chennai, Kanyakumari, etc. The best part which I have experienced so far is that each beach is different having a distinctive flavour of its own,” spoke out Twinkle.

She has been exploring and wandering from the age of 15 and her love for travelling on bike has developed since last 5 years.

Basically, she owns a travel agency back at home and does not depend on any organisation for funds.

“I don’t travel for a cause or charity, because I don’t believe in it. I travel to satisfy my wanderer instinct, and self-fund my travels. I work for six months and travels for the next six months.

With a liberal mother and elder brother at home, she has broken the conventional barriers of Indian society and is all set to pursue her dream project of travelling around 100 countries of six continents, barring Antartica.

“I have travelled so much but have never experienced any untoward incident being a girl. There has been technical snags which is sometimes fixed up by me single-handedly and sometimes with the help of the local people.”

Apart from travelling, she is into documentaries, research work, culture related short films, etc. She is also a travel blogger and wishes to travel till her end.

“I want to travel and connect with people till I die. This is my life, my path,” she signs off before going to sleep to start afresh her journey the next morning.


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