Minister Arun Sahoo Increases His Accessibility For Locals, Hears Grievances In Public Space

Nayagarh: Nayagarh MLA and state minister Arun Sahoo made unique move when he decided that he would hear out public grievance not in his office or any other Government building but in a public space.

In the public meeting, Sahoo also inspected the ongoing developmental projects in his constituency.

He said, “The main aim of such meetings is direct interaction with public. It helps us become more accessible to general public. Since common people directly reach out us, now they know for sure that their issues will be resolved. Additionally, it also gives us a much necessary to boost to work towards betterment of society.”

The three-time MLA has been holding such meetings every Sunday since his party won elections in May this year. He has been given the charge of Agriculture and Farmers’ Empowerment, Fisheries and Animal Resources Development and Higher Education department.


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