Minor Girl Elopes And Marries, Now Disowned By Husband, In-Laws And Parents

**Nayagarh: ** In a heart-wrenching incident, a 17-year-old girl waits for her husband in front of her in-laws house for two whole days and two whole chilling nights, but none of the family members come to her rescue.

This incident occurred in Balungagada village under Nayagarh Sadar P.S.

Notably, the minor girl, Rashmi (name changed) eloped with her neighbour, Asit Barik (21) on December 17 much against the wishes of their respective parents. They went to Asit’s uncle’s place in Phulbani and got married in a temple. Two days later, on December 19, they had returned to their village.

Asit’s father had sent the girl back to her place after much persuasion. But Rashmi’s parents did not allow her to enter the house. So, she had to return to her so-called husband’s house. But, they thrashed her and threw her out of their house.

“She has been there sitting on their doorstep for the last two days and nights without proper food. She had gone with the boy. Now, it is her call where she wishes to go. We have nothing to say,” said Rashmi’s mother.

The media persons called the Child Help Line who had immediately rescued the girl from the traumatic situation.

“We have produced her in Child and Women Development Office. We want justice to be given to her and wish that things turn better for her in life,” according to Alaka Pahadsingh, a Child Help Line member.

Now, Rashmi is put up in a Sebashram where she still awaits her husband with whom she had taken the sacred vows of marriage.