Miracle In Rourkela: 11-Year-Old Survives 10 Days In Overhead Tank Only On Water

Rourkela: An 11-year old boy fought against drastic situation and survived in a water tank for 10 days without any food. The minor was rescued by Bandhamunda Police with help of locals on Wednesday evening.

11 year-old Pritam with parents Bandhan and Meena Kispatta lives in Cinema Toli slums of Rourkela. Meena said that she had left for Dhanwad on August 14 and had directed Pritam to stay at home and not loiter around. However, she was informed on August 19 that her son is missing since the previous day, i.e. 18th. She rushed back and joined the search party but in vain. Finally Meena and Bandhan lodged a Missing Persons report at Bandhumunda Police station on August 21.

On Wednesday afternoon, locals heard cries for help from nearby Railways’ overhead water tank. They immediately informed Bandhumunda Police and Water Works department who by use of ropes rescued Pritam.

Pritam, meanwhile, said, “On August 18 evening two older boys from Sector C forced me to climb the water tank in pretext of catching pigeons. But accidentally I fell into the tank and they left me there. I’ve been shouting for help all these days but no one came to help me. I survived only by drinking water from the tank. Luckily for me the water level stayed around knee-level and there was no chance of drowning.”

It is to be noted here that this water tank is placed at 80 ft height and is of 50,000 litre capacity. There was a distinct air of confusion on how an 11-year-old could climb up and how he survived there for 10 long days. Another question that is jutting out is if Pritam was shouting for help all these days and locals heard him on Wednesday; then why they couldn’t hear him sooner. Also there were varied statements from locals, Pritam and his mother regarding the case which only increases the mystery to the case.

Meena Kispatta, Mother

Pritam Kispatta


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