Misery Of Youngsters In Bhubaneswar Hostels Post ‘Fani’

Bhubaneswar: The monstrous cyclone Fani was a tragic shocker which people of Odisha have not seen since decades and would pray not to encounter a similar one in their lifetime.

The trail of devastation Fani left was mortifying. Bhubaneswar, a beautiful and calm city, known for its serenity, is parched and gloomy in the aftermath of the cyclone.

Nature never discriminates in offering its bounties, nor does it differentiate among classes of people, when it comes to a calamity.

Bhubaneswar is to home to thousands of teenaged students, working youths, bachelors and spinsters. Over the past two decades this age group has formed a formidable force in building the character of the city.

Some of them toil hard to build careers while others work 8 to 12 hours a day to make their living. All of them away from home. Today this populace is without water, electricity, internet connectivity and even food, making life extremely difficult.

OMMCOM NEWS team moved around the city and spoke to young boys and girls living in hostels. All of them had one story to share. Cyclone Fani’s devastation has made lives miserable.

“There is no water and electricity from the past three days. Cooked food has become a dream. We are surviving on chura and bananas. Even dry foods have run out of stock at hostel and shops,” Sangita Patel, a Software Engineer staying at a hostel in Tankapani Road said.

A journalist Bhabani Bhuyan belongs to a remote village in a coastal district of Odisha. She is worried about her family back home. “I am not able to connect with my parents and get a clear picture of their condition. Likewise, they are also worried about me. I appeal the authorities to get the mobile connectivity restored,” said Bhabani who works as a journalist in the city.

Howling winds gusting up to 22 mph whipsawed trees, uprooting scores. The storm accompanied with flooding rains and damaging winds has pillaged the infrastructure of Bhubaneswar. But all these could not dampen the spirit of people, especially youngsters in the city.

“No doubt the life is tough today. But the city has given us so much and now it is our turn to give back by supporting to rebuild Bhubaneswar,” inmates of a hostel in Sahid Nagar echoed.


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