Misfiring By Dacoits Injure Their Own Accomplice During Loot Bid

**Khordha:** In an ironic twist of fate, a misfiring during a dacoity bid by the miscreants not only foiled their attempt to look an truck, but also injured one of their companions.

Notably, three dacoits attempted to loot a accident-stricken truck on NH 16 under Sadar PS of Khurdha district on Monday night. But they were protested by the helper of the truck and a homeguard present there.

In order to frighten away both, the miscreants shot fire at them, but accidentally, it hit one of their own accomplices named Sumit Badajena.

The trio tried to flee after this misfiring but Sumit was not able to go far. He was rescued by a patrolling van, which took him to the Khurdha DHH for treatment. But the other two miscreants managed to flee.

It is stated that Sumit got injured on chest and has been shifted to AIIMS as his condition deteriorated.