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Mo Beach Campaign At 50 Locations In Puri On International Coastal Cleanup Day

Puri: On the occasion of International Coastal Cleanup Day on Saturday, the clean-up drive organised on Puri beach under the ‘Mo Beach’ campaign was carried out at 50 identified locations across the coastline in Puri district.

Ten volunteers from each locations on coastline of Puri Municipality, Konark NAC, & Blocks of Astaranga, Kakatpur, Gop, Krushnaprasad, Brahamagiri participated in the initiative.

The event also witnessed volunteer participation from different departments of Puri District, Forest Department, Block Youth Coordinator, SHG, volunteer of Neheru Yuva Kendra etc.

All Government guidelines for Covid has been followed during the entire event, which were carried on the following locations.

The locations of Puri Municipality Beach
1. Hotel Sterling to Mangala Muhan
2. Hotel Sterling to Lucky India Hotel
3. Lucky India to Hotel Hans Coco Palm
4. Hans Coco Palm to Suv Palace
5. Suv Palace to Swargadwar
6. Swargadwar to Hotel Seagull
7. Hotel Seagull to Victoria Hotel
8. Victoria Hotel to Digabareni
9. Banki Muhan to Pink House
10. Gangadevi Pitha Shree Jagannath Sanskrit University

Krushnapeasad Block Coastline Beach
1. Satpasa jt
2. Alupatana jt
3. Gabakund jt
4. Bhabakundalesware Beach
5. Mirzapur jt
6. Raipur jt
7. Gangadharpur Jt
8. Sipakuda jt
9. Janhikuda Jt
10. Naba sea Beach

Konark NAC – Chandrabhaga
1. Chandrabhaga beach front
2. Beach front to Mahavir temple
3. Mahavir temple to tirtha pond
4. Tirtha pond to Muhana muha
5. Muhan muha to Puruna nolia Sahi
6. Puruna nolia Sahi to Puruna nolia Sahi middle point
7. Puruna nolia Sahi Middle point to End point Nolia Sahi
8. End point to JT
9. JT point to Nua Nolia Sahi beginning
10. Beach front to Marine police station

The locations of Astaranga Beach
1. Pir Jahania Beach – 1
2. Pir Jahania Beach – 2
3. Pir Jahania Beach – 3
4. Ganga Devi Mouth
5. Dalua Kani

The locations of Kakatpur Singharapal Beach
1. Singharapal Beach – 1
2. Singharapal Beach – 2
3. Singharapal Beach – 3
4. Singharapal Beach – 4
5. Singharapal Beach – 5

1. Bali Harachandi
2. Mukteswar Beach
3. Sipasarubali Beach
4. Moto Beach
5. Niajpur Beach

1. Beleswar Beach – 1
2. Beleswar Beach – 2
3. Ramachandi Beach
4. Lotus Beach – 1
5. Lotus Beach – 2

Launched initially on June 18, 2019 at the sea beach in Puri, this initiative was started by volunteers with guidance of Beach Management Committee. The event continued successfully on every Tuesday at Puri Municipality as well as on 1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month at the GP and NAC level at the identified spots throughout Puri District coast line.

The International Coastal Cleanup Day is being celebrated on 3rd Saturday of September of every Year. During 3rd Saturday of September 2019 i.e. September 21, it was organised in Puri District to create awareness for clean beaches. Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, it was temporarily brought to a halt and again started on September 13, 2020 at Puri Municipality.

As Puri Beach is one of the finest beaches in Odisha, and also the best tourist attraction of the State, the dedicated beach cleanup campaign – MoBeach has been launched to exclusively work towards cleaner beaches all across Puri district.

This campaign aims to be implemented from corner to corner of the entire beach-line of the Puri district with aim to urge the citizens to think of the beaches, sea fronts as their own beaches and one should keep them as clean as their own house.

In the long run, the campaign is planned to establish a self -sustainable solid waste based mechanism for the beaches or sea fronts in entire Puri district, steered by the locals.

Khushwant Singh, IFS, Additional Chief Executive, Chilika Development Authority


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