Motor Vehicles Act: Minister Says No To Extension Of Relaxation Period

Bhubaneswar: While there is no visible drop in the number of queues at RTO offices, Transport Minister Padmanav Behera said that the relaxation period for enforcement of the amended Motor Vehicles Act will not be extended.

“The enforcement will be done as per rules and regulations after the end of relaxation period on December 1,” said Behera.

While people at the RTO offices demanded an extension of the deadline for strict enforcement of the amended Motor Vehicles Act at least by another three months, Behera said that adequate time period had been provided to the people and there are few more days remaining to comply with the norms.

As the relaxation period coming to an end in three days, adding to the uneasiness, a man was injured in an attempt to make his way through the crowd at RTO I in Bhubaneswar.

Padmanav Behera, Minister, Commerce & Transport


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