Mumbai Pub Fire Tragedy Wakes Up Odisha On New Year Zero Night Eve

**Bhubaneswar/Cuttack: ** Virtually alerted and alarmed at the appalling fire tragedy that killed 14 and seriously injured many in Mumbai at a rooftop pub during a birthday celebration in the interregnum night of Thursday-Friday in the Kamala Mills compound and also keeping in view the New Year Zero Night celebrations in the State, Odisha Fire Services on Saturday (December 30) woke up to the occasion and swung into preventive measures at hotels, clubs and cinema halls.

Accordingly, the Fire Services Department on the day intensified fire safety checks and inspections in various main hotels, clubs and other public places.

Speaking to media, Fire Services DG B.K. Sharma said, “Tomorrow will mark New Year celebration following which the clubs and hotels will get crowded. In the past, fire-related mishaps have taken place at various crowded places resulting in loss of life and property. The recent instance is of Mumbai. Hence, in order to ensure if such public places are equipped with adequate fire safety system to deal with emergency situations, today we simulataneously conducted checks of various hotels and other places in 6 cities of the State.”

He informed that the fire safety inspections were conducted in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Puri, Rourkela, Sambalpur and Berhampur.
The DG also informed that around 20 teams under the leadership of Senior Fire Officers physically inspected the venues of New Year celebrations and checked the condition of equipment and other measures of fire safety. Capacity of the staff to use fire equipments was also checked.

“During the inspection, various inadequacies were noticed. The organizers are being informed in writing to rectify the shortcomings as well as deficiencies by December 31 evening 6 pm before the actual celebrations. In case of non-compliance, appropriate legal action under the Odisha Fire Prevention and Fire Safety Rule-2017 shall be initiated,” the Fire Services DG warned.

He stated, “The object of the inspections is to ensure safety of citizens who shall be celebrating New Year in various hotels, clubs, etc. The inspections are also intended to sensitise the organizers about their responsibility to ensure fire safety and to remain completely prepared to avoid any fire mishap.”


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