Murals Of Odisha Culture Adorn Walls Of Cuttack City

Cuttack: Colourful murals depicting the culture of Odisha now adorn the walls of various flyovers in Cuttack city because of the innovative efforts of Cuttack Municipal Corporation (CMC) with the support of Odisha Mining Corporation (OMC).

Efforts are underway to give a new look to the major over bridges in the Silver City. With the help of a brush, painters are reviving the ancient culture of Odisha and decorating the walls of over bridges with colourful paintings.

CMC Commissioner Ananya Das said that beautification of the city had started during the cricket match but was suspended for a few months due to coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. The work has been restarted and empanelled artists are being engaged in the project. Their designs after going through a two-scale verification process are sketched on the walls of the city.

The artists consider themselves fortunate to have depicted ancient culture through their work which can make the younger generation aware. In addition, the promotion and dissemination of ancient culture can be done in an easy way. They thanked the CMC and said that it would have a positive impact on the people of Cuttack and the people who come to Cuttack.

Ananya Das, Commissioner, CMC

Kishore Chandra Muduli, Artist


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