MV Act Impact: Liquor Sale Drops 30%, Helmet Sales Surge 50% In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: With the new Motor Vehicle Act in force, violating traffic rules is proving to be costly. Commuters without valid documents, not obeying traffic rules or driving under the influence of alcohol, are forced to pay harsh penalties.

City police and the Regional Transport Office personnel who are implementing the new rules have resorted to tough means. There is no room for excuses.

Within a few days of implementation of the new regulations and strictest penalties, traffic violations have come down remarkably in Bhubaneswar. One can hardly spot a two-wheeler rider without a helmet, or a car driver not putting on seat belts.

Now this regulation is also reflecting on liquor sales. Foreign liquor shop owners have said that the sale of alcohol has gone down dramatically. Merry-makers who took credit in consuming alcohol on bylanes and roadside joints are having a tough time. They have ultimately decided to give a break to booze.

“Liquor sales at our shop have slumped by around 30 percent. A majority of our consumers belong to the lower middle class and youths. Both these groups consume their share of alcohol in a vehicle or on eateries. This has been checked, with the new Traffic enforcement,” a liquor shop salesman said.

Similarly, the sale of helmets has shot up in the Capital City. Helmet selling shops have reported that there is an increase of about 50 percent in the sale of the protective gear.

Kishore Ku Patra, Helmet Dealer, Bhubaneswar

Sanjaya Jena, Liquor Shop Manager, Bhubaneswar

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