MV Act: Officers Flouting The New Rules To Pay Double The Penalty

Bhubaneswar: The Commerce and Transport Department of Odisha Government has issued an advisory; to the Commissionerate Police regarding to the implementation of Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019.

It has specifically mentioned: “any authority that is empowered to enforce the provisions of this Act shall, if such authority commits an offence under this Act, be liable twice the penalty corresponding to that offence under this Act. 

This basically means that any police officer or authority who are found flouting the new Motor Vehicles Act will have to pay double the penalty corresponding to the amount mentioned in the MV Act for the particular offence. 

They are also directed to brief and sensitise the staff working under their operational control to follow traffic rules and regulations. 

The Department has also asked the police to take the necessary steps by issuing suitable instructions to all SPs/ Dy Commissioners of Police to ensure that while enforcing different provisions of MV Act, vehicle owners are not unnecessarily harassed.


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