Nabarangpur Collector Comes To Rescue Of Visually-Impaired Couple

Nabarangpur: In a country where IAS officers are considered something next to god, a Collector stepping down from his vehicle and inquiring about the well being of a visually-impaired homeless couple walking down a deserted road to their village is something rarest of the rare.

Sambharu Bhatra and Sukanti Bhatra, a homeless visually-impaired couple was walking down to their village-Khaira after undergoing treatment for diarrhea at a hospital almost 18 km from their village.

Nabarangpur Collector Ajit Kumar Mishra met the couple while he was passing through Tumbla chowk on Wednesday while he was returning to his office after meeting honey farmers in Nakchiguda.

On seeing the visually-impaired couple trudging their way Mishra asked his driver to stop the vehicle.

On enquiring, he found out that they were sight impaired and hungry and were returning to their village almost 18 km away after availing free treatment at the hospital for diarrhea. He offered them biscuits and fruits which he was carrying in his vehicle.

During his interaction, he came to know that since buses plying on the route had refused to take them the couple had no option but to walk to reach home.

Mishra also came to know that the couple didn’t have a house since they didn’t have a piece of land of their own.

The Collector asked the couple to meet the Tehsildar and apply for allotment of a piece of homestead land.

While assuring the couple that he would speak to the Tehsildar in this regard, Mishra directed Papadahandi Block Development Officer (BDO) to submit a detailed report on the couple’s livelihood and take steps to ensure a better living for them.      


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