Nayagarh Minor Girl Murder Case: Next Hearing On LVA Of Accused On Feb 19

Nayagarh: The Children’s Court here today fixed February 19 for further hearing on the plea of the Special Investigation Team (SIT) seeking layered voice analysis (LVA) of the prime accused (who is a minor) in the Nayagarh minor girl murder case.

“The Court today heard both sides on the SIT’s plea seeking LVA of the accused. The Court kept the matter for further hearing on 19th,” informed Anwar Mallik, public prosecutor speaking to reporters here after the hearing.

Mallik revealed that the Court allowed the SIT to send the accused’s seized mobile phone, its SIM card, and the memory card used in it to Central Forensic Laboratory (CFL) Gujarat for analysis.

He said that the aforementioned articles which were earlier sent by the SIT to Central Forensic Laboratory (CFL) Kolkata were returned by the latter since it didn’t have the necessary instruments/technology to analyze those.

“The SIT produced before the Court an earlier order that proclaimed that they had sent similar things to CFL Gujarat in the Patnagarh parcel bomb case for analysis following which the court allowed the former to send those to CFL Gujarat,” Mallik said.

On the other hand, the defense counsel of the accused has filed a petition before the court alleging ill-treatment to his client.

The Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) Nayagarh on January 20 had transferred the minor girl’s murder case to the Nayagarh Children’s Court.

The decision was taken as the accused belongs to the age group of 16-18 years.

Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) helps detect lies and screen suspects. The LVA relies on voice frequency to ascertain whether a person is lying.

The software samples the suspect’s voice to assess his emotional state. It can help investigators during questioning.

LVA relies on variations in voice and does not need wires or sensors attached to the body of a suspect. The voice sample can be taken online or offline. Even voice recorded earlier can be analyzed.

LVA analyses the voice stress of the subject and ascertains with 96% accuracy whether the person is lying.

Anwar Mallik, Public Prosecutor