New CP Sudhansu Sarangi Stresses On Intelligence-Led, Tech-Backed, People-Friendly Policing

Bhubaneswar: Assuming office as the new Police Commissioner of Bhubaneswar-Cuttack Urban Police Department, 1990 batch Odisha cadre IPS officer Sudhansu Sarangi laid stress on ‘intelligence-led’, ‘technology-backed’ and ‘people-friendly’ policing.

Interacting with media persons, the new Police Commissioner said, “Will take care of improvement in public-police rapport. We are judged by our dealings and way of activities. If the police personnel do not deal well with the public, we won’t get any success.”

He added, “I will consult with my immediate predecessor and the colleagues here as well as with DGP Bijay Kumar Sharma as he had been the Police Commissioner here for pretty long time. I’ll first review the current situation and then only the future course of action can be charted out. Hasty remarks on this won’t be wise.”

The new Police Commissioner appealed, “Seek cooperation from the denizens of Cuttack-Bhubaneswar. I’ll work hard and try to serve all humbly. Let’s build up a new and pretty Cuttack-Bhubaneswar.”

Responding to media queries, he replied, “After reviewing the present situation, I would lay out my priorities. I’ll look after that the life of the Twin City is in a disciplined manner. All are not linked with crime or become victims to it. There are also some other areas of indiscipline in our daily life. However, crime control will certainly be our top agenda.”

He further replied, “The petty crime you are citing is considered by us as professional crime. These criminals generally commit crime, go to jail and once gain resort to committing crime after out from jail. Sometimes, new criminals also get involved in it. Criminals from other cities and town also get involved. We have to make it ‘intelligence led’. If we don’t gather intelligence, our policing will be beating about the bush. Hence, stringent action should be taken against the criminal elements and we are resolved and committed for that.”

“We had conceived the Police Commissionerate concept 10 years ago and it is high time there should be a review on it. Some changes need to be done always. People’s expectations are much more. Now we have to see whether we have the required resources or not. If we have, then how to utilize the resources properly. Technology needs to be adopted by the Commissionerate Police,” he remarked.