New MV Act: Commotion And Stampede Outside RTO Office In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: With the December 1 deadline for compliance of traffic safety norms nearing, the queues at RTO offices are becoming longer. At RTO I, in Bhubaneswar, there was a mad rush of public seeking assistance which led to chaos and commotion.

The queues outside were so jammed that it resulted in a stampede and some members of the public were hurt. Among the injured were some senior citizens who complained of indiscipline and disorderliness.

‘We request the Government to make alternative arrangements at the RTO offices. The available infrastructure is not sufficient to meet the demands,” an applicant said.

A group of elderly persons said there should be separate queues for senior citizens to cater to their needs. “In the midst of this crowd it is impossible for us to wait for our turn. The authorities need to understand our concern and address those duly,” they said.


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