New Odisha CS Asit Tripathy Assumes Office, Reminds Gandhiji’s Talisman, Time-Bound 5T Achievements

Bhubaneswar: Senior IAS officer Asit Tripathy today took over charge as the new Chief Secretary of Odisha from his predecessor Aditya Prasad Padhi who has superannuated and has also been appointed as the State Election Commissioner.

1986 batch Odisha cadre IAS officer Asit Kumar Tripathy is the 38th Chief Secretary of the State.

Soon after assuming office, Tripathy eulogized Odisha’s best governance practices as has been applauded at the national level. He also laid utmost stress on the time-bound achievement of the 5T agenda of State Government laid out by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik so that the motto of citizen-centric governance is fulfilled.

Addressing media on the occasion, the new Chief Secretary said, “Government of Odisha is proud of its achievement on governance. The governance practices are really good. Many of the practices are nationally considered best. But like many things in life, improvement can also be made.”

He further stated, “In the context of 5T agenda, every Department has charted out the 5T charter that contains lots of time-bound targets. What are the targets to be achieved in 2019 by each Department have been clearly and precisely mentioned for which the concerned Department is accountable starting from the Secretary to all government servants.”

“One of my first priorities is to monitor the 5T charters of every Department and the achievement. After the launch of online revenue payment by the Hon’ble Chief Minister on the occasion of Independence Day, one can now pay anywhere in the world. Similarly, other governance citizen centric services are being rolled out,” the new Chief Secretary informed.

He further informed, “Secondly, I’m a team player. I enjoy working with my colleagues. I have a first rate team. I’m going to motivate them. Whatever time we have, we have to work with a passion. The position that we are now in, the impact of our decision is very very wide spread. We shouldn’t waste any time.”

He reminded, “The Talisman of Gandhiji, that was engraved on the palm court of our Lok Seba Bhawan by Hon’ble Chief Minister on the occasion of Independence Day, is a constant reminder to all of us that we are in a position to deliver some benefits to people. The impact of our service is far-reaching. If we delay in our decision-making, file movement, will not do. We need to move every file at a rocket speed. Then only people will really really benefit.”

Stating, “I’m very optimistic that I’ll be monitoring the file movement in the government process during my tenure, decision-making and soon implementation. There shouldn’t be delay in the implementation of projects. Lot of money can be saved,” he added, “We are studying and keep on studying all the best practices so that we could adopt in Odisha. We’ll improve on our best practices. We’ll lay special emphasis on strengthening infrastructure like roads, power, telecom infrastructure, industries, trade, commerce, social infrastructure like schools. We’ll try that our infrastructure is national class.”

“The Talisman of Gandhiji will constantly remind my colleagues that the ultimate beneficiary of our work is common man. We are all here for the people and the reminder given to us by the Hon’ble Chief Minister by engraving this Talisman will constantly remind my colleagues,” reiterated the new Chief Secretary of Odisha.


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