Newly-Weds Get Onions In Gift Packs, Quirky Gift Becomes Talk Of Town

Bhubaneswar: The rising prices of onions have become the talk of the town and they have also surprisingly become great gifting options for netizens. Now onions for the newly-weds will not only be useful for the entire family but also something to remember by.

A group friends attending their friend’s wedding at Adimata Nagar in Angul, Odisha decided to gift him and his new bride a ‘bouquet’ of onions. The bouquet for Santosh Mohapatra and his wife soon garnered a lot of attention as it was not unique but included a fun tangent too.

But this was not a sole event; quirky friends from all over India were seen surprising their friends at their respective weddings.

Newly married couple Shahul and Sabrina of Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu was in for a surprise when they were gifted with a bouquet of onions. On opening it, the couple found 2.5 kg onions, the price of which has been soaring. The novel gift was a pleasant surprise and drew the attention of everyone at the wedding.

At a time when prices of inion is about to touch Rs 200/kg, a newly-wed couple from Lumding, Assam received a whole bucket of onions as a wedding gift on their reception. The uncommon present became the much-talked-about issue in entire Lumding.

In yet another video going viral newly-weds are seen in peals of laughter after unpacking a gift on camera and finding onions in them. While their identity is not known, it is said to have originated from Bagalkot in Karnataka.


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