Nigerian Beauty Marries Odia Boy In Ram Mandir Amid Traditional Hymns

**Kendrapada**: An union of souls in the pretext of marriage with Hindu traditions has garnered attention as a Nigerian beauty found her soul mate in an Odia boy hailing from Kendrapada shattering the barriers of country, caste, creed, race, religion.

The couple tied the nuptial knot in a Ram Mandir at Kendrapada town on Tuesday.
Notably, the groom named Amiya Ranjan Parida works as a mechanical engineer in Nigeria where he met his dream girl, Ugori Peace Nkechi. He convinced his parents and got married in his home town amidst the chanting of hymns.

“My family members agreed to this relationship which resulted in this marriage. I am elated as it is done according to Hindu customs and with everyone’s consent. I hope for a bright and happy future for us. Even Ugori is very happy with this traditional marriage,” said a beaming Amiya.

Hundreds of locals gathered for the ceremony and wished the couple a happy married life. The centre of attraction was the Nigerian bride who was gleaming with happiness.

“The concept of marriage is same everywhere. It feels really very good to witness a totally different culture and tradition. I am very happy,” said the bride in traditional wedding costume.

The newly wed couple plan to spend a month here in Kendrapada before joining their service in Trans Equla in Nigeria.

Marriages of this kind justify the statement that ‘Marriages are made in Heaven’.


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