Now DL Can Get Suspended For 3 Months If Found Guilty Of These Offences

Bhubaneswar: Now even a first time offender’s driving license (DL) could get suspended for three months. The State Transport Authority brought about the changes in view of poor enforcement of traffic rules in Odisha.

The DL could get suspended for following offences:

  1. Driving at a speed exceeding the specified limit also including red light jumping
  2. Carrying overload in goods carriages and carrying persons in goods carriages;
  3. Driving vehicles under the influence of drinks and drugs;
  4. Using a mobile phone while driving a vehicle.

In a letter from the Transport Commissioner, both RTOs and Police Wings have been apprised to strictly implement the change. Police officers can also seize the DL of the offender and forward the same to the concerned RTO within seven days of suspension of the license. A report in this regard will be furnished to the Transport Commissioner’s office every month. This will be then forwarded to the Supreme Court Committee of Road Safety.

The amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act came into effect from September 1, 2019. The Act, implemented pan-India, enhanced the penalties for driving errors.


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