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Nuakhai Juhar: Odisha Celebrates New Harvest Amidst Reunions, Camaraderie & Blessings

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14 September 2018


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Cuttack: The day of homecoming, family reunions and new harvest is here, and people of Odisha have embraced the occasion with much fervor and gaiety. Western Odisha’s major festival Nuakhai, an equivalent Pongal, Onam and Baisakhi, is being celebrated today amidst feeling of brotherhood and family rejoice.

While youths who have migrated to different places to eke out a living, are arriving at their native place to meet their families after a long wait, the new harvest (‘Nabanna’) has already been offered to Maa Samaleswar, the principal deity in Western Odisha.

This year, the timing of ‘lagnabela’ (propitious moment), offering the first harvested crop was between 8.10 am and 8.40 am.

This will be followed by ‘prasadsevan’ (having the remnant of divine offerings) which families will enjoy together amidst festive spirit. The sumptuous meal includes a new rice grain accompanied by ‘khiri’, ‘pitha’ and ‘kakra’ (sundry sweetmeats).

The dining is followed by ‘Nuakhai Juhar’ both at home and vicinity. Juniors seek the blessings of their senior and the family patriarch in order to lead a happy and prosperous life.

The day will end with ‘Nuakhai Bhetghat’ (a grand get-together) that will witness fold dances like ‘Rasarkeli’, ‘Dalkhai’, ‘Mailajada’, ‘Karma’, etc along with songs and different games, that will be organised by various socio-cultural organisations to celebrate the occasion.

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Nuakhai Celebrated In Nuapada