Obscene Pics Of Sister Sent To Her Husband By Cousin After She Denies To Maintain Illicit Affair

**Jajpur:** A youth was arrested and court-forwarded for allegedly sending obscene photographs of his married cousin to her husband, after she denied to maintain the illicit relationship which they had prior to the marriage.

Notably, the accused identified as Bikash Sahoo of Binjarpur area, allegedly had an illicit affair with his first cousin. When she got married, Bikash tried to blackmail her to send her obscene pics to him on mobile phone.

The girl sent a few photographs under pressure. But his demands did not end there. When the girl denied furthering this relationship, the accused sent these photographs to her husband.

The family members of the girl lodged a complaint after which the Rambagh police arrested the accused and forwarded him to court.

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