OCAC Tower Management Application Launched

Bhubaneswar: Electronics & Information Technology Department of the State Government today launched web-based OCAC Tower Management Application for seamless management of office space.

The web-based application will automate various administrative activities like office space management, space allocation to companies, dues collection, subsidy management and grievance redressal, removing many pain points of office space management, said an official press release.

“Transparency is a key thrust of our 5T model of governance. OCAC Tower Management Application launched today will facilitate transparent management of office space,” said IT Minister Tusharkanti Behera.

“I am sure the web-based application will give further confidence to the IT companies operating out of OCAC Tower,” Behera added.

OCAC Tower Management Application will automate several administrative tasks which earlier required cumbersome processes. Many of the processes will now get automated including a) Automation of space management, b) Automation of financial dues calculation, c) Automation of monthly demand generation, d) Facilitation of online payment, e) Subsidy Management, f) Digital communication between OCAC and occupants, & g)Online grievance management.

“Creating an enabling environment with the right facilitation service is our key focus for the industry to operate in a worry-free environment,” said Secretary Electronics & Information Technology Manoj Mishra.

OCAC Tower Management Application with a simple interface is yet another step to ensure transparency in the administrative process through e-governance and remove all bottlenecks in office space management, Mishra added.