Odisha: 2 Poachers Held In Khordha, Chilika Migratory Birds’ Flesh Recovered

**Khordha:** The brackish water lagoon Chilika which boasts of migratory birds in this season invites the dread of poachers with it. Two bird poachers were held today morning by the Forest Department of Tangi and flesh of Chilika birds was recovered from them.

Acting on a tip-off, the forest officials conducted raids in Soran area and seized about 2 kilograms flesh of migratory birds of Chilika and held two in connection with the crime. The officials also seized sharp hunting equipments from their possession.

The accused have been identified as Bikash Jena and Santosh Behera.

Notably on November 12, as many as 30 migratory bird carcasses were seized and two poachers were held in connection with the incident.

According to official sources, 20 anti-poaching camps, including two mobile parties, have been set up in Chilika to ensure the safe stay of birds, who spend the entire winter in its waters. These camps include 11 at Tangi, three each at Satpada and Balugaon and two at Rambha. Despite that, such an incident could not be avoided which demands stricter anti-poaching camps in the area.

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