Odisha, A Successful Experiment In COVID-19 Management

Bhubaneswar: Odisha has been recognised as a successful experiment across India in the management of COVID-19, Chief Secretary Asit Tripathy said today. During a special briefing, Tripathy said that Odisha has excelled and scored highly in several parameters as compared to the numbers at the national level.

India’s population is 135 crore or 1350 million approximately. The COVID-19 cases per million in India are 71.27. In other words India reports 712.7 COVID-19 positive cases per 1 crore population.

On the other hand, Odisha’s population is 4.6 crore and the State has recorded 19.04 cases per million population. Or there are 190.4 COVID-19 positive cases per 1 crore population in Odisha, informed Tripathy.

Similarly, while 1,706 tests are conducted in India per million persons, Odisha conducts 2,082 tests per million. In other words, per 1 lakh persons in Odisha, 208 COVID-19 tests are carried out, Tripathy added.

The testing scenario in Odisha has progressed remarkably. This can be said because when the disease broke out in Odisha, there was barely any testing facility. And within a couple of months, the State conducts 2,082 tests per million, which is an achievement, said Tripathy.

Coming to the case fatality ratio (deaths per 100 cases), for India it is 3.15 while for Odisha it is 0.46. Odisha’s case fatality ratio is one of the lowest in the country.

Similarly, the ‘sample test multiple’ or tests per positive case in India are 23.93 whereas the same figure for Odisha is 109.32. This means that after testing 109 samples one positive case is detected in Odisha. The same number was 220 a few days back.

“Moreover, as on today (May 18, 2020), there are no active positive cases in Bhubaneswar municipality area. Odisha is on the verge of achieving yet another milestone on Monday night. The State will be able to do 1 lakh sample tests (cumulative figure) by tonight. Total tests in India have been 23 lakh so far,” the Chief Secretary added.

Asit Tripathy, Chief Secretary, Odisha

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