Odisha: After Onions, Potato Prices Go Up

Bhubaneswar: The sudden spurt in potato prices in the retail market in Bhubaneswar in the last two-three days has hit the consumer hard.

The tuber’s price has gone up by Rs 5 a kilogram. Potatoes which were selling at Rs 25 a kg two-three days back is now selling at Rs 30 a kg in retail.

“It was selling at Rs 12-15 a kg two-three months back now it has doubled to Rs 30 a kg. Now instead of five kilos, I am taking 2.5 kg,” said a person buying potatoes.

“We were getting it at Rs 15-18 a kilo, now we have to buy it at Rs 30 which is hurting,” said another buyer Pramila Pradhan.

Traders ascribe the spurt in prices of the tuber to the rains which have delayed the harvesting of the new crop in West Bengal.

“In the last two-three days, the price of potatoes has gone up by Rs 5 a kg. Earlier, we are selling it for Rs 25 a kg but now we have to sell it at Rs  30 a kg. It is mainly because of a fall in supplies from Bengal, the price has gone up. Rains have affected harvesting of the new crop in that State. We are dependent on Bengal for our supplies so we have to bear it. Things will improve in the next few days,” Sudhir Sahoo, a potato seller.

Pramila Patnaik, Consumer

Santosh Kumar Pradhan, Consumer

Sudhir Sahoo, Trader


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