Odisha: Armed Robbers Loot Cash & Ornaments At Gunpoint In Balasore

**Balasore:** In yet another loot incident, a house in Patharapentha village under Sadar Mahakuma area was robbed off gold ornaments and Rs 70,000 cash at gunpoint last night.

According to reports, Harekrushna Pradhan, his wife and daughter used to look after a scrap shop located on NH 16. At around 11 pm, 5-6 masked men ransacked their house and looted cash and jewelery at gunpoint. The miscreants also brandished sharp weapons at the trio.

The robbers fled as soon as they heard people approaching from outside. Pradhan who suffered minor injuries is currently undergoing treatment in Soro Medical. Meanwhile, further probe into the matter is currently underway by Soro Police.

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