Odisha Assembly Monsoon Session Day 4: Persistent Pandemonium Stalls House, Adjourned Till Monday

**Bhubaneswar: ** As uproar stayed put in the House even after it re-assembled at 3 pm after remaining adjourned due to ruckus from the very beginning of the day, Odisha Assembly Speaker Pradip Kumar Amat was bound down to adjourn it further till Monday as Saturday and Sunday are holidays.

Since the Monsoon Session of Odisha Legislative Assembly has begun from September 4, barring the opening day of obituary references to the departed souls and the House adjourned for the day as a mark of humble homage, the consecutively next three days have been stalled due to pandemonium over fuel price hike and teachers’ strike.

While the fuel price hike and teachers’ strike issues have been raised by opposition Congress and BJP respectively for the last three days, today the fuel price hike issue was raised by the ruling BJD members and they created ruckus in the House the moment it assembed for the day.

Simultaneously, both Congress and BJP members raised the teachers’ strike issue. Even they moved adjournment motion on it which has also been accepted by Speaker Pradip Kumar Amat for discussion in the House.

The opposition alleged that ruling BJD members deliberately stalled the House proceedings from the very beginning in a bid to avert discussion on the nagging teachers’ strike issue at 11.30 despite the adjournment motion being accepted for discussion.

As the BJD members created ruckus over fuel price hike, irate Congress and BJP members objecting to it and the Speaker adjourned the House till 3 pm when the BJD members resorted to pandemonium.

Later in his media reactions, Leader of Opposition Narasingha Mishra said, “While the ruling party aimed at stalling the House today by creating ruckus over the fuel price hike issue, the opposition objected to it. Oppositon didn’t create ruckus over the teachers’ problem because our adjournment motion was accepted for discussion today.”

“On the very first day when Congress party sought for discussion on the petrol and diesel price hike, where were the ruling party then? They sat silent that day. Today they all of a sudden decided to stall the House because the teachers’ problem is turning worse but the State Government is unable to solve it and also initiating no efforts. When the ruling party observed that the teacher issue is going to be discussed today in the House and the State Government is answerless, the ruling adopted the means of stalling the House. Usually, the Speaker used to adjourn the House till 11.30 am, but today adjourned it to 3 pm. It is unjustified and condemnable,” he lambasted.

Congress Chief Whip Tara Prasad Bahinipati burst, “Congress always adopted constructive attitude. The way the ruling BJD stalled the House, we objected to it demanding the House proceedings should run. Scared of the discussion on teachers’ issue adjournment motion, the BJD has deliberately stalled the House.”

BJP MLA Rabi Naik also lambasted, “The problem of the teachers was due for discussion today and the State Government had to keep its reply on it. Scared of the reply, the State Government turned tail today.

On the contrary, ruling BJD MLA Arun Sahu defended, “There is reason behind the protest against the fuel price hike. When the incumbent BJP-led Central Government was in opposition in 2014, the crude oil price was then 135 dollar in the global market, but petrol rate was Rs 54 per litre here. Now it has lowered down from 135 dollar to 78 dollar in the global market. What for now petrol price at Rs 80 per litre? The Central Government should reply.”

He lambasted, “The incumbent BJP-led Central Government is showing favour to the private companies and also earning profit from them as well as collect election funds. As the people of India have been left in the lurch, the BJD being a watchdog will definitely resort to stir and keep on doing so.”

Notwithstanding that, Finance Minister Sashi Bhusan Behera had to move the Supplementary Budget for 2018-19 amid such an uproarious scene on the second day while the significant Legislative Council resolution was tabled by Parliamentary Affairs Minister Bikram Keshari Arukh yesterday late afternoon and it got passed with 104 votes despite the protest and walk out staged by opposition Congress and BJP.

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