Odisha: Bajrang Dal To Stay Off Streets On Valentine’s Day

**Bhubaneswar:** Young couples of the State can breathe a sigh of relief as saffron-wing Bajrang Dal has decided to stay off streets and not indulge in any kind of violent activities tomorrow on Valentine’s Day. However, they will continue to protest against the ‘western tradition’ via social media.

Manas Mohanty, convener of Odisha Bajrang Dal said, “Every year, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal oppose Valentine’s Day calmly and peacefully. Over the last few days, some anti-social elements have been indulging in violence in the name of Bajrang Dal. Due to these people, public has tagged us ‘Gunda’ and this is putting a bad name on Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal.”

“I just want to say that Bajrang Dal wholeheartedly opposes the concept of Valentine’s Day as we believe that love had not originated on this day. But, we will peacefully oppose the day like every other year and we will not indulge in any violent activities,” he continued.

“Instead, we will oppose this western culture via mass media and social media and we want to tell the Hindu boys and girls that Lord Krishna is an icon of love as well so they should worship him on Janmashtami and not celebrate Valentine’s Day. Youths should also not indulge in indecent behavior and public display of affection as this is not Indian culture,” he concluded.

For the last several years, the love birds were in constant fear and wary of attacks by activists of Bajrang Dal and other fringe activists on every Valentine’s Day as they were chased, beaten and in some cases even married off. But thanks to Lord Krishna, the Bajrang Dal activists have changed their minds this year.

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