Odisha Capital City Bhubaneswar Among World’s Top 50 Smart City Govts

**Bhubaneswar: ** Adding another feather to its cap, Odisha’s capital city-cum-temple city has now carved a niche internationally for being the Top 50 Smart City Governments.

Singapore-based Eden Strategy Institute on July 9, 2018 (Monday) unveiled the rankings of the Top 50 Smart City Governments globally.

Smart City Bhubaneswar notches the 32nd rank in tie with Gujarat’s Ahmedabad.

As per the report published on Monday, “Six Indian cities emerged among the Top 50 Smart City Governments with smart city plans co-created with citizens, and supported by systematically-planned and mobilized budgets from the central government since 2015.”

The other four Indian cities are New Delhi (23rd rank), Surat (27th rank), Jaipur (34th rank) and Pune (36th rank).

London tops the list followed by Singapore and Seoul.
As per the report, it has been found out “from a study conducted in partnership with OXD (ONG&ONG Experience Design) that analyses the diverse approaches towards developing smart cities around the world.”

It is further reported that “This is the first independent ranking of its kind that investigates the roles that city governments play in leading a smart city strategy, beyond celebrating the technological attainments of the cities themselves.”

Also the report claims that “This 2018/19 rankings studied 140 smart cities, from which the Top 50 Smart City Governments were ranked across ten vectors:

1) Clarity of Vision 2) Leadership 3) Budget 4) Provision of financial incentives 5) Support programmes 6) Talent-Readiness 7) People-centric approach 8) Development of an Innovation Ecosystem 9) Implementation of “Smart” Policies and 10) Track Record of previous initiatives and projects.

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