Odisha CHSE Clarifies Procedure To Award Marks In Practical Papers Of Class 10

Bhubaneswar: The Council of Higher Secondary Education (CHSE), Odisha, has issued a clarification on the procedure for calculation of average marks of last three years and award of marks in Practical/Project Papers for Annual Higher Secondary Examination 2021.

The CHSE Controller of Examinations, in a letter to Principals of all affiliated Higher Secondary Schools/Colleges of the Council stated that necessary arrangements be made for award of marks in the Practical/Project papers basing on the notified criteria i.e. (i) Practical Record (ii) performance of the examinee in the regular laboratory work experiments in the Practical Classes and (iii) Performance of the examinee in 10th Board Examination for the Practical Papers, and (i) Project Report and (ii) Performance of examinee in the 10th Board Examination for the Project Papers.

The Council added that marks awarded to the examinees in the Practical Papers/Project Reports shouldn’t exceed the average range of Practical/Project marks in that paper for that Higher Secondary School/College during the last three years. For this purpose, the maximum marks in a Practical/Project Paper are to be graded into five different ranges as given below:

Marks Range No. of Examinees % of Examinees
0% to 70%
71% to 80%
81% to 90%
91% to 99%

From the tabulation registers of Annual Higher Secondary Examination, 2018, 2019 & 2020 the examinees scoring marks in different ranges as given above should be calculated for each Practical/Project Paper of that Higher Secondary School/College. After calculation of the number of examinees in each range the percentage of Examinees in each range is to be calculated. After that the average percentage of examinees in each range for the three years, taken together, is to be computed, stated the Council.

Basing on these figures marks in the Practical/Project Papers are to be awarded to the examinees. The percentage of examinees in different marks range for the Annual Higher Secondary Examination, 2021 must tally with the average percentage of examinees in the different marks range calculated for the three previous years (2018,2019 & 2020) taken together, it added.

The Council has directed the Principals to appoint Internal Examiners for different Practical/Project Papers in the concerned Higher Secondary School/College from among the available subject teachers. If in any Higher Secondary School/College regular teachers are not available in a subject(s) the Principal can utilize the services of such suitable regular teachers from the nearby Higher Secondary Schools/Colleges as Internal Examiners. In no case the services of guest faculties or contractual teachers be utilized for the purpose. The Internal Examiners appointed will be entitled for Remuneration at the prescribed rate along with CA/DA/TA for teachers coming from nearby/outside Higher Secondary Schools/Colleges.

For Higher Secondary Schools/Colleges having result of only two previous years (2019 & 2020), average to be calculated for the last two years only and for Higher Secondary Schools/Colleges having result of only last year (2020), the same marks range will be deemed to be the average mark range. In Higher Secondary Schools/Colleges where students were to appear in Higher Secondary Examination for the first time in 2021, marks in Practical/Project Papers to be awarded strictly basing on the criteria mentioned in the first paragraph, it added.

Finally, the Council has stated that the COVID-19 guidelines issued by the Govt. must be strictly followed by one and all engaged in evaluation and uploading of marks.