Odisha CM Seeks Continuation Of Jaga, Balia Treatment At AIIMS

**Bhubaneswar:** Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today in a letter to Union Health Minister JP Nadda sought continuation of the treatment of separated conjoined twins Jaga and Balia at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi.

Apprising Nadda about the present condition of the twins, who had undergone an extremely rare and difficult surgery last year, Patnaik has requested him to advise the AIIMS authorities to continue the treatment till they get fit enough for home care.

“Our specialists have opined that the twins are recovering well but have not yet attained stable health condition on account of their being underweight and neurologically impaired,” read the letter.

Patnaik further mentioned that Department of Neurology, AIIMS, New Delhi is pressing to discharge the babies unilaterally against the views of the team of specialists from Odisha and despite the request of the State Government to continue their treatment at the premier institute.

The Chief Minister also asserted that though there is adequate health infrastructure available in the State, the same may not be able to respond to the special medical needs and care that the twins demand. Any capacity constraint in their treatment could prove counterproductive to all the serious and committed efforts maded by AIIMS, New Delhi till now.

“I may mentioned that the State is fully committed to bear all medical and related expenditure for continuing treatment of the twins at AIIMS, New Delhi,” he added.

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