Odisha: Compulsory Institutional Quarantine Orders Issued In Jharsuguda

Jharsuguda: The district administration today declared contingent measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 in Jharsuguda.

It was observed that foot fall from hot spot areas of the State in Jharsuguda has increased in last few days, mostly by unguided travel. To check this, Collector Saroj Samal today ordered mandatory institutional quarantine for people coming from two districts – Ganjam, Cuttack and Panposh sub-division of Sundergarh.

“After the relaxation in lockdown conditions and opening up of economic activities, people have started coming from other districts of the State. It is observed that incomers/returnees from hotspot areas of the State have been found positive for COVID-19 and being asymptomatic. They may infect the neighborhood unnoticed,” said Samal.

People returning back from Jharsuguda in 72 hours will be exempted. Besides, people on Government work or court work will also be exempted from this quarantine mandate. However, people of Jharsuguda going to these places will stay on quarantine on their return, irrespective of their duration of stay in Ganjam, Cuttack and Panposh, the order of the Collector stated.


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