Odisha: Deaths Due To Road Accidents Dropped By 65% During Lockdown

Bhubaneswar: Deaths due to road accidents have dipped by 65% during the lockdown from March 24 to May 31 in Odisha, the State Transport Authority (STA) has informed in a tweet today.

The tweet says that during the aforementioned lockdown period, 384 persons died and 722 persons got injured in 836 number of road accidents whereas during the corresponding of 2019, 1087 persons had died and 2175 persons got injured in 2107 accidents.

As per a comparative analysis shared by the STA, during the month of April, the number of deaths stood at 118, against 458 for the month of April in 2019, thereby declined about 74%. A total of 231 road accidents were reported in April against 877 in April 2019.

Further during the month of May, the number of deaths stood at 243, against 494 for the month of May 2019, thereby a decline of about 51%. A total of 551 road accidents were reported in May against 953 in May 2019.