Odisha: Exit Polls Not Exact Polls, Says BJD & Congress, While BJP Beams

Bhubaneswar: The exit poll figures published on Sunday reflect that the country’s reign might once again fall back into the hands of BJD-led NDA.

 Barring a few states in the South, Odisha and West Bengal, most of the exit polls show comfortable win for the BJP. However, political leaders in Odisha have a different take on the exit poll figures.

 Odisha Pradesh Congress president Niranjan Patnaik said that exit poll figures do not reflect the correct picture and have been faulty on many occasions in the past.

 “During the assembly elections in the four states held recently, exit poll revealed that Congress would sweep Rajasthan and MP and BJP would win in Chhattisgarh. The actual results were inaccurate. In Chhattisgarh Congress won comfortably while such was not the case in the other two states.”

 “How far we can trust the exit poll is questionable. I personally do not go by the exit poll for Odisha. We have expected to win in between 20 and 30 seats in the Assembly and 2 to 3 Lok Sabha seats,” Patnaik added.

 BJD Spokesperson Sasmit Patra said that exit polls failed miserably to predict the 2014 election results for Odisha. These are the same agencies which conducted exit polls this time in 2019. “Exit poll are not exact polls, they only show a trend. So, we should not infer a lot from the exit polls,” he said.

 “Only 72-odd hours are remaining for the results. Let us all wait, and the scene would be clear on May 23. BJD is on its way to win a huge majority in 2019,” Patra added.

 On the other hand, the State BJP seems buoyant with the exit poll results, naturally so. Odisha BJP president, Basanta Panda said that BJP would not only win many seats in the Lok Sabha from Odisha, it is also going to form Government in the state.


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