Odisha Further Slashes Bus Fares

**Bhubaneswar: ** Odisha State Transport Authority (STA) today further slashed bus fares across categories in the State. While ordinary and express bus fares have been cut by 2 paise/km, deluxe & AC deluxe fares have been reduced by 4 paise/km.

As per the notification issued by the Office of the Transport Commissioner-Cum-Chairman, State Transport Authority (STA) dated 12.12.18, “Due to decrease in per litre diesel price from Rs 73.56 as on 28.11.2018 to Rs 69.27 as on 12.12.2018 leading to price reduced by an amount equal to Rs 4.29 in direct, the fare for stage carriages other than town buses plying within the State of Odisha shall be fixed at decreased rate as specified in the table given below which will be effective from the date of issue of Order.”

It added, “All other conditions stipulated in Transport Department Notification No. LC-TR-06/2017/7093/T dated 28.10.2017 shall remain in force.

**1:** Ordinary Category of Buses – Existing Fare 70 paise/km, Revised Fare 68 paise/km

**2: ** Express Category of Buses – Existing Fare 73 paise/km, Revised Fare 71 paise/km

**3: ** Deluxe Category of Buses – Existing Fare 101 paise/km, Revised Fare 97 paise/km

**4: ** AC Deluxe Category of Buses – Existing Fare 123 paise/km, Revised Fare 119 paise/km

Notably, the Odisha Government had slashed bus fares on November 28, 2018 by 2-4 paise/km for ordinary and express and also deluxe and AC deluxe categories of buses.

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