Odisha: Gangster Tito’s 4 Aides Arrested By STF

**Bhubaneswar: ** As the Special Task Force (STF) of Odisha Crime Branch (CB) has tightened up its noose against arrested notorious gangster Tito alias Syed Usman Ali, four of his accomplices were arrested and forwarded to court today.

As per STF sources, the arrested Tito gang members are Sheikh Jahangir, Jahangiri Khan, Golden Pappu and Imtiaz Khan.

They have been arrested by STF for their unholy nexus with gangster Tito.

Before being forwarded to court here, the four offenders were taken to Capital Hospital here for medical examination.

Notably, the STF sleuths had earlier rounded up eight of his aides from Cuttack city.

All the eight Tito associates were under the scanner of the STF and their marathon interrogation was on, STF sources revealed.

All the eight persons were apprehended for being allegedly linked with the infamous Tito gang so far illegal tender fixing, extortion and murder cases are concerned.

STF sources also informed that ten teams of the Odisha CB raided various places in Cuttack and had picked them up.

Notably, Tito after being arrested by the STF fortnight ago underwent rigorous grilling in his three phases of remand. While the first phase remand was of five days, second was of four days and the third remand was of three days. Major clues and leads relating to Tito’s crime world and modus operandi have been hit upon by STF during the remands.
Tito’s wife Benazir has also been interrogated by a three-member STF team at her Kendrapara house.

Even though the gangster has now been sent to Kendrapara Barimula Jail after completion of his three remands, STF is further contemplating to seek more remands to delve into his unholy nexus and vicious circle.
The ongoing arrests are the follow-up action.

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